No matter whether your pet is visiting us for a vaccination, an ongoing medical condition, or has recently become unwell or even injured, our vet consultations are a minimum of 20 minutes, to ensure there is enough time to address all your concerns and answer any questions you may have. You know your pets and their behaviour better than anyone, so we hope to work together to keep them happy and healthy year-round.

Preventative healthcare consultations

For vaccinations or routine health checks, which are carried out free of charge twice annually for pets who are members of our Essential Care Plan.

We will always perform a thorough clinical examination before administering a vaccination, to ensure that your pet is well enough to receive the vaccine, as well as screening for any longer term health concerns.

Second opinions

Sometimes it’s beneficial to get another view on a case, and if that’s what you feel you need, Karen will be happy to see you and your pet for that. There’s no obligation to register with the practice having had a second opinion, and any decision about on-going care is of course yours to make.

Please contact the practice if you’d like to discuss a second opinion referral, and we’ll be happy to share more information with you.