Our Preventative Healthcare Plan

Our Pet Health Club, The Essential Care Plan

Joining The Essential Care Plan ensures your pets have access to the preventative health care they need to keep them in tip top condition year-round.

We love your pets equally, so whether they’re a cat, dog or rabbit, little or large, young or old, our healthcare plans are the same; it’s all for one, and one for all. This makes top notch care for your pet simpler, more affordable, and more convenient than ever.

Choose The Essential Care Plan+ for even greater peace of mind, with the additional benefit of unlimited free vet and nurse consultations, and savings of up to 40% on selected long-term medications.

Find out what’s included below, and once you’ve selected your preferred plan, you can simply click ‘Sign up’ to join.

Essential Care Plan
£19.00per month
  • Routine vaccinations including full puppy and kitten series and kennel cough for dogs
  • Treatment year-round for all parasite threats, including lungworm in dogs
  • Microchip if required
  • 6-monthly health-checks with a vet or nurse
  • Nail clipping and anal gland expression (as required)
  • 20% off neutering (including keyhole)
  • 10% off dental procedures
  • 10% off food and pet shop items
  • Free insurance claims processing