Keyhole Spays

Keyhole surgery – also known as laparoscopic surgery – is widely accepted as the gold standard for dog spaying, with many proven benefits for patients compared with traditional open surgery.

For the following reasons, Karen will perform dog spay procedures via keyhole where possible:

  • Reduction in the amount of pain and inflammation at the wound site; pets are given pain medications at the time of surgery, and for most that will be sufficient to keep them comfortable post surgery
  • Surgical wounds are smaller; 0.5cm-1cm as opposed to 6cm-15cm with open surgery, therefore reducing healing time
  • No more cone! Because surgical wounds are smaller and pain is reduced, most pets will not lick or chew their wounds.  We still recommend a barrier, but a medical suit is generally sufficient
  • Dogs return to normal exercise and activity more quickly; on average 3-5 days compared with 10-14 days following open surgery
  • Significantly reduced risk of complications such as bleeding and wound infections

In certain situations, traditional open surgery is still the best option for the patient. Every animal is assessed as an individual, and rest assured Karen will always make tailored recommendations based on what is best for them and their unique situation.