Prices at West Edinburgh Vets

At West Edinburgh Vets, we promise to take the time to understand each pet and their owner(s) so that we can talk you through the most appropriate care and treatment options. Having talked through the options, we will then make clear recommendations to support you in decision making.  Below is a list of some of our most commonly used or asked for services and procedures: 

  • Consultation with vet (20 minutes) (£52)
  • Follow-up re-check consultation (£40)
  • Exotics consult fee (£40), follow-up (£30)
  • Primary vaccination course (£90)
  • Booster (not inc. KC) (£65)
  • Kennel Cough vaccination (£43)
  • Kennel Cough vaccination when given with booster (£35)
  • Rabies Vaccine (3 yrs for travel) (£90)
  • Annual rabbit vaccination (£65)
  • Cat castration (£130)
  • Cat spay (£195)
  • Laparoscopic (Keyhole) cat spay (£340)
  • Dog castration (£290)
  • Laparoscopic (Keyhole) bitch spay (£620)
  • Rabbit spay (£255) neuter (£195)
  • Animal Health Certificate (£150 for first animal, £50 for second animal)
  • Microchip (£25)

We’re here to help. If you have any questions what so ever, please give us a call or call in for a chat.